Monday, January 28, 2013

Unoriginal Bastard Blames Rob Zombie for Killing

I usually don’t write about murders and evil acts committed by lying, unoriginal bastards, but when I saw that 17-year-old Jake Evans blamed Rob Zombie’s Halloween for inspiring him to kill his mom and sister I had to post my 2 cents worth about this one. 

First, let’s get something out of the way. Movies, music, and video games do not influence people to murder their family. That’s like saying that dogs inspire you to eat your shit. No dude, you have to be twisted to do either of those things. Stop being an unoriginal bastard and just say it, you’re a twisted asshole.   

I have seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween many more times in one week than Jake has, and the thought of killing my mom or sister has never even crossed my mind. By the way, I have even seen a dog eat a turd, and I never considered doing that either. 

To all you sickos out there contemplating murder, do yourself a favor and go get inspired by a dog.

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